Triple Ess Consulting’s areas of expertise / A la Carte Services:

(A la carte services include a 30 minute consult. No Deep K.I.S.S consultation required.)

Direct + Networking Connections – $87.00

Need a specific person, item, or service in order to accomplish your goal? Direct Connections will save you the time and hassle of searching through tons of information and people, allowing you to focus on more important things in your life. Includes gathering ALL of the detailed information required for you to make an educated and confident choice from a list of great options, all ready and waiting to provide you with the service you need to get your task completed. (Up to 3 connections)

Business + Career Mapping – $167.00

Just started a business or have been in business and now you’re looking to get help in figuring out what steps to take next or what can be done to help make it better? Or are you a person with a talent that you are hoping to take to a higher level? Business & Career Mapping is just what you need to get a step by step “map” of resources and strong recommendations as to what the best course of action is for you and where you are headed in your business or career. If you don’t know where you are going, how can you know the proper way to get there? Let Triple Ess point you in the right direction.

Merchandising + Branding – $167.00

Making yourself stand out to become a household name can be very tasking. Merchandising & Branding can help you develop a plan to establish a brand presence, increase visibility, and build a stock of physical merchandise for selling and/or promotional purposes. Make your business tangible and put it in the eyes and hands of people everywhere.

Public Relations (PR) Prep Work – $107.00

It is very important that your business be portrayed to the public in the best light possible. From press releases to conflict resolution, protection and portrayal, your business/brand image is crucial . PR work seeks out avenues through which your target business and brand goals can be reached and provides a professional liaison for receiving, screening, and releasing information…all to ensure the best interest and perception of your business or brand.

Structuring + Organization – $247.00

Do you already have your business or career established, but your processes are not yielding the results you want to see? Structuring & Organization takes an up close look at how things are currently operating in your business or career set up, and recommendations are given or implemented that will assist you in running a more efficient and effective agenda.

Technical Writing + Revision – $97.00

When you have the idea but you’re not quite sure how to put it into words, Technical Writing + Revision can help you get the point across clearly and concisely. From bios and website content to proposals and press releases, let Triple Ess use its way with words to help your brand or company get its message across and put into the RIGHT words exactly what’s on your mind and mission. (2 pieces max)

Targeted  Marketing + Promotions – $187.00

When working to accomplish a very SPECIFIC goal or task, it is often necessary to devise a plan or strategy designed to see results in that particular area only. Targeted Marketing & Promotions intensely magnifies any normal means or methods of achieving your project goal, resulting in increased results in a decreased period of time.

Income Implementation – $247.00

There’s always more than just one way to make money. You sell a product, have a talent, or provide a service as your MAIN revenue vein…but what about the OTHER ways your business or brand could get the dollars rolling in? Income Implementation creates and establishes revenue streams in addition to your main business income that will allow you to really bring in the bag(s). (Includes 3 implementations with set up)