This Greatness Ain’t Gonna make itself.”

TEC+M was launched in 2015 and it embodies a myriad of passions – helping others, forward thinking, and seeing thoughts become real things. The services provided are as unique as the Creatives in need of them and THIS is what makes the business thrive. From a simple and free phone call to help folks out to customized complex consulting, TEC+M is always ready to make moves to secure the results and success Clients are looking for.

T.R.A.P. Professionally My Friends.”

TEC+M goes hard. It’s more than a hustle, it’s a relentless grind and a lifestyle. While executing the mission – connecting Clients to the people and services needed to transform their dreams and ideas into realities – T.R.A.P. professionally is the motto (take risks and prosper). That means take care of business, have fun, and always make sure the job gets done and the Client is satisfied.

Let’s Get It. We Have Work To Do.”

Shaya “Save” Brown is dedicated to providing top notch service and consulting. The time and attention dedicated to the needs of each unique Client is unmatched. She is relatable, down to earth, true to herself, passionate, and driven. If you are looking for results, look no further. TEC+M has what you need and is here to help.

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