She prides herself on her work with Creatives. Their dreams, ideas, visions, and the pursuit of them makes the world evolve. It drives hope forward. It is the root of all progress. The greatest Minds on earth. Behind every Creative is a person who help them lay the foundation for that goal.

Shaya Smith lays the ground work. Puts together the small pieces so that the big picture can be seen, and the Creative has a sturdy launchpad from which to propel their dreams. She is dedicated, determined, and destined to be great…but only as great as she helps the Creatives around her to become.

Triple Ess Consulting embodies all of her passions – helping others, forward thinking, seeing thoughts become real things. Her services can be made to as unique as the Creative requesting them. And that is what makes her a Creative herself and able to help in the achievement of success of someone else.



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