I pride myself on my work with the Creatives and the Innovators. Dreams, ideas, visions, and the pursuit of them makes this crazy, ever changing world evolve. It forcefully drives hope forward. It is the root of all progress. We have the greatest minds on earth! Behind every Creative is a person who helps them lay the foundation for every goal they set out to accomplish.

Shaya Smith. That’s me. A foundation layer, consultant, manager, positivity spreader, and much more. I put together the small pieces that come together as the “BIG PICTURE” and give my Clients a strong, sturdy launchpad from which to propel their dreams. I am dedicated, determined, and destined to be great…but only as great as I helps those around me to become!

Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt embodies all of my passions – helping others, forward thinking, trap style grind living, and seeing thoughts become real things. My services are as unique as the Creative in need of them and THIS is what makes me a Creative myself…being able to connect, relate, create the course, and help in the achievement of success of someone else.

Don’t let the pretty face fool you. I get down in the businesses trenches with my Clients! We may get dirty but we do clean business, we work hard, and we come out swinging for what we want. This success is not going to achieve itself! Contact us today and lets start getting the course laid out for YOUR greatness.

Let’s Get It…

Shaya “Save” Smith




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