Terms + Conditions of Service

At Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt, the #1 goal is to do everything possible to provide services, resources, instructions, and information that is as accurate, up to date, and as beneficial as humanly possible. Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt will do its absolute best to assist in reaching the goals set and obtaining the services/results as contracted on every occasion. Satisfaction with Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt services is guaranteed. However, the desired outcomes AFTER the conclusion/closing of a consultation can not be guaranteed and therefore are NOT guaranteed. Therefore the Client does hereby:

1) Acknowledge (by signature via contract) that Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt will not be held accountable, liable, or responsible should any service provided by Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt fail to result in the desired outcome AFTER any consultation is complete or AFTER any services rendered.

2) Sign a contract containing details pertaining to the consultation that will be issued to the Client, agreed upon by the Client, signed by the Client, and returned to Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt by the Client.

3) Understand that after returning a signed contract, service charges/fees as stated in the contract are due to Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt prior to the rendering of any service. Client will be notified of payment due via PayPal invoice or payment link. Failure to pay within 3 business days of receiving the PayPal invoice or payment link will result in the nullification of the signed contract. A new contract must be written to initiate services, in which service charges/fees are subject to change.

4) Understand that in the event of a Client paying service charges/fees to Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt PRIOR to or WITHOUT returning the contract containing consultation details signifies agreement and acceptance of all consultation details within the contract.

5) Understand that all consultations will have a completion date or time window. Should any consultation threaten to go beyond the agreed upon the date or time window as stated in the contract, if any consultation cannot be completed as requested, or if any consultation cannot be completed at all, the Client will be contacted and informed promptly. A plan will be made to revise the consultation or a portion of the service charges/fees MAY be refunded if revision is not possible. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

6) Understand that full service charges/fees or a portion of service charges/fees will ONLY be refunded in the event of one of the following conditions: extreme negligence and proof thereof, extreme lack of effort and proof thereof, extreme failure to uphold any consultation details as stated in a signed and returned contract, or the absolute inability to complete a consultation as stated in a signed and returned contract on the part of Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt.

7) Agree to contact Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt directly and immediately via the website “Contact” tab or by emailing tripleess@theessword.com should the Client have any questions, inquiries, comments and/or concerns regarding any Triple Ess Consulting + Mgmt service or active business.

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