Stay the f______ at home…a coronavirus reading brought to us by none other than the illustrious and notorious muthaf__________ himself, Samuel L. Jackson. This Jimmy Kimmel night show appearance is certainly one for the books. I’m sure the entire country is thankful for the comedic relief. HOPEFULLY, when broken down and expressed in a way…

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stimulus package

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation, the government just approved a WHOPPING 2.2 TRILLION dollar relief bill for suffering Americans and businesses. WOW. That is a LOT of money and man is it needed. Unfortunately, in times like these we tend to find all of the weaknesses in our societal structures…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2020 everybody! Glad you all made it here safely. I’m sure there were plenty of bumps, bruises, and beatings (hypothetically speaking…I hope) along the way but alas…we are alive and able to tell the tales. And getting through is all a part of getting TO the goals, promises, breakthroughs,…

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Aaaaaaaah…the Manager. The person in charge of helping getting a team into shape or leading them off a cliff. The proud bearer of the important work responsibilities and the unreasonable expectations of people stuck in their entitlement bubbles. A rather precarious position between being “the man/woman” and potentially being man handled by employees and general…

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Have you been following the Chik fil a vs. Popeye’s frenzy? God’s chosen chicken chateau vs. the urban chicken icon? You’d think the latter wouldn’t stand a chance right?? Wrong! ! I know I VERY was incorrect in my assumptions. The Man upstairs clearly had a blessing or 26 million to lay on the Popeye’s…

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Summer Time

Summer time 2019 is officially here. We all know what that means. Sunny days, high temps, big events, fun times with family and friends, iced drinks, short shorts, swimming pools, and sundresses. It also means BIG BUSINESS! People tend to COME ALIVE in the summer time. They want to be out and seen and heard…

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This is a bit tough to write. The week so far has been sad, angering, argumentative, and downright heartbreaking. On Sunday, Mar. 31st, 2019 we unjustly lost a leader, a big homie, a father, fiancé, and friend to so many. A HUGE key to the Culture. Nipsey Hussle, aka Neighborhood Nip, was a blueprint for…

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I’m pissed. Every day I see people work their asses off pursuing their passions and turning their crazy ideas into actual money makers. Only to have people try to get over, make them feel unworthy, or talk trash about their accomplishments. Last week, I personally encountered 3 fellow entrepreneurs in a “fight for their right”…

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New Tool Alert! Hear ye hear ye get your brand and business vision together here! Mood boards are all the rave now when it comes to concept and idea visualization. I’m excited to offer the service and flex my creative muscles fit your project aesthetic. If you absolutely love it, book your Deep K.I.S.S. consultation…

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There’s a killer on the loose. It’s slowly destroying destinies, corrupting consistency, plaguing progress, and murdering motivation. There’s currently a warrant out for the arrest of: COMPLACENCY. We all have had encounters with him at one time or another. Some of us barely escaping with our grinds. Others falling victim to the comfort zone it…

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Real G’s move in silence like lasagna. We talk waaaaaay too much about our moves before we make them…and then wonder why we see people making money off the (specific) moves we were just clamoring about. NEWS FLASH! Not everybody respects your hustle. Not everybody is capable of original ideas. Not everybody wants to see…

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One major thing I have learned here in the last quarter of 2018 is that CLARITY is KEY. A clouded mind is procrastination heaven. It’s is SO important to decompress, declutter, and then decipher what it is you really need to do and shoot for. A circle of people who have their hands in different…

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“A BOSS is one who guarantees we gone eat.” – Rick Ross   There’s always a lot of hustle talk about “plates”. Not complaining about our plates being full because we prayed for this. Others not eating off the plate if they don’t bring food to the table. So many epithets made around the subject.…

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There are so many facets and different things needed to help establish a well rounded and self sustaining brand or business. The look, the demand, fundamentals, the FUNDING. Because of that last one, I am always very excited when I can help my clients develop a revenue stream that funds their dreams from WITHIN their…

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Congrats are in order for Triple Ess Client Karundo Langston, better known as Alter Shiino on his most current achievement of securing a showcase spot at the RAW: Natural Born Artist OVATION expo in Richmond, VA! The crazy thing is…this time last year (as the “on this day” feature on Facebook confirmed) Shiino posted that…

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There are not too many things as rewarding as witnessing the visions I have for myself and the people around me become real right before all of our eyes. I got to experience it (again lol) with Karundo, more popularly known as Newport News photographer Alter Shiino. On a Monday, we were made aware of…

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Sometimes we have to change course in the middle of the journey. We think we know what we are doing, where we are going, and what we are looking for. But not always! I know I haven’t always been 100% sure about my moves. With risk comes lot of uncertainty. Dream chasing carries a lot of…

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